Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre

Beginning, *Intermediate and *Advanced Vocal 

These classes offer a unique experience here in our region.

Thursday 5pm – 7pm

“Musical Theatre” Ensemble

  • Learn Fundamentals of Singing
  • How to sing in a group (Small & Large)
  • How to prepare and work a song
  • Music reading for Singers
  • Harmonization techniques
  • Promoting confidence in performers
  • Exposing performers to professional expectations whilst still allowing a safe and fun learning environment
  • Teach sight reading. How to read a rhythm, how to know what note is flat, sharp, or natural and how to find the note on a piano.
  • Combining singing, movement, and acting to create well rounded pieces of performance.
  • Vocal health for Musical Theater
  • How to practice at home
  • Collaboration with students.
  • The best part of performing is enjoying what you sing so the students should feel free to suggest material.

During the course we will be organizing a singing group for competitions and performances

Instructor Sheila Ryle

Sheila was a professional show choir instructor in the Temecula Unified School District for many years. In addition to being the Founder of Shakespeare in the Vines, Sheila is currently a board member and the Artistic Director. Sheila also sits on the River Springs Charter School board.

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