Video Training Program

Video Training Program

As a vendor service provider for Inland Regional Center, JDSCA’s Regional Day Video Production Program provides cross-collaboration and workforce training for adults with autism and disabilities. Even during Covid, our career pathway program continues to provide training in a working studio to teach collaboration, soft skills, technical skills, logistics, and more through visual, performing and digital arts. SOI Jacobs House

Our Program’s purpose is to produce and distribute the Award Winning, Spirit of Innovation, a monthly, feature-style newscast for Riverside County.  Participants also have their own micro show that they release weekly, the “SOI Update”. Both programs were acclaimed Telly Award winners in 2020. The programs are available throughout Riverside County on Riv-Co TV as well as on local community city channels. 2019 saw the inclusion of a new broadcast in which our talented participants gather stories, write and announce a radio news segment heard locally in Southwest Riverside County on 102.5 The Vine, and globally through their streaming platform at

We provide hands-on training through a state-of-the-art television studio and field equipment. Program participants are trained and educated by our Studio Director and staff, industry professional instructors, and mentored by hired-industry apprentices. Participants have the opportunity to learn: producing, directing, writing, video production, audio, editing, lighting, streaming technical skills, costumes, sets, acting, makeup, scheduling, logistics and a work-base culture.

We provide participants who successfully complete the program with work-search assistance, job interview prep, and letters of recommendation to help them find paid work, internships, apprenticeships, and higher education in the arts, entertainment and/or other cross-trained related industries.

JDSCA Video Production Training ProgramParticipants must live in Riverside County and be registered and serviced by Inland Regional Center. For more information about IRC and their services go to or call the IRC at 909-890-3370.

Interested Program participants, who are already affiliated with the IRC can fill out our Program Interest Form Click Here and have your Consumer Service Coordinator contact us at with your IPP.


AB 1402 amended the Welfare and Institutions Code to add Section 4704.6 which states, “Each regional center and each vendor that contracts with a regional center to provide services to consumers shall conspicuously post on its Internet Website, if any, a link to the departments, Internet Website page that provides a description of the appeals procedure set forth in this chapter and a department telephone number available for answering consumer and applicant appeals procedure questions”.

All Service Provider of Inland Regional Center are expected to comply with this regulation in accordance with the terms and conditions of Vendorization.

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