“I’m grateful for everything JDS has done for me. They’ve helped me feel confident in front of the camera and in myself. I love it at JDS.”

Tanner Mackay

“What I am thankful for is JDS which has opened me up and allowed me to try new things. I love helping out in the Musical Theater productions. JDS feels like home, I never want to leave.”

Matt Seelbinder

“My son has flourished in so many ways since he enrolled in this unique video production program. I am so grateful to the staff and interns ,for their positive influence on each student/consumer. Each of you have made a positive impact on my son’s journey as a HFA making his niche in the world. Special

Anna Gottman

“The JDS experience has been truly beneficial for Conor. Last year as an intern he worked directly with Diane and she took the time with Conor to get to know him and his strengths. The fact that she “depends” on Conor has had a huge impact on his confidence. We all want to be needed

Shannon Winters McCarthy

“Thank you for the opportunity to write about the program. Although Deirdre has not been in the program very long, I have noticed her being more confident and being more social. She enjoys working with the camera and getting the training needed to be able to go out and work in the media industry.”

Judy Bernal

“My grandson has been attending JDS Creative Academy for about 7 months. He is learning all aspects of their very comprehensive video production program. Although he loves editing the best, he is excited when they go on location and interview for stories of interest. Interviewing skills and script writing are just some of the basics

Lana Anders


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