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Leadership with Producer, Diane Strand

Unleashed and Unstoppable Podcast
with Carol Register & Alex Lianne Carter
– Published April 4, 2024



JDS Creative Academy - Growing on The Vine

JDS Creative Academy – Growing on The Vine

JDS Creative Academy hosts the news on 102.5 The Vine FM, and all newscasts are written, recorded, and produced by adults with developmental disabilities.
Chris Ryan speaks with Diane Strand and Jordan Wood
– Published March 11, 2024



Higher Educations

Talk Of Fame Podcast Ep 268 w/Diane Strand
– Published March 2024



Your Path to Nonprofit Leader…

249: Maximizing Video to Tell Your Nonprofit Story with Diane Strand
with Dr Patton McDowell
– Published February 15, 2024



Your Path to Nonprofit Leader…

The MAKE IT Podcast – Mindsets of Working Actors and Building a Film Community | Diane Strand

366 – Indie Talk Takeover
– Published February, 2024



Inclusion in Hollywood: Meet Diane Strand

Inclusion in Hollywood: Meet Diane Strand with Mike McGloth

Special Education Inner Circle
with Catherine Whitcher M.Ed
– Published January 2024



Creative Chats Podcast

From TV and Theater to Entrepreneurship: Diane Strand’s
Story of Creativity and Purpose

– November 29th, 2023



The Marketing Mavericks Podcast

Diane Strand Shatters Video Production Industry Barriers
– Published July 14th, 2023



Small Business Origins

Unveiling the Transformative Power of the Arts: Reconnecting, Inspiring, and Leveling Up feat. Diane Strand with JDS Creative Academy
– Published June 15th, 2023



Chords, Vines, and Dines

Episode 125: Bill Wilson & Diane Strand
– Published March 13th, 2023



Everyday Folks Radio

Meet Author Diane Strand
– Published January 14th, 2023




Speaking of Impact

Episode 125: A Spirit of Innovation With Diane Strand
– Published November 24th, 2022



Creative Conversations with Hollis Citron

Exploring the World Of TV & Video Production, Acting
& Helping One Person Everyday

– Published September 26, 2022



G4 Advocacy Media 

Journey’s Season 2, Episode 28 – Diane Strand

– Published August 1st, 2022



Startempire Wire

Making Dreams Come True by Providing H.O.P.E With Diane Strand
of JDS Creative Academy

– Published June 23rd, 2022



Brave Interview

Interview with Diane Strand
Brave Hosted by Nicole Tsong
– Published April 7th, 2022


Groove with Portia

Groove with Portia

Turn your mess into a Message – Staring Diane Strand
CEO of JDS Video & Media Productions

– Published January 5th, 2022



Shut Up and Grind! with Robert B. Foster!

Episode #181 – All Star Panel #4 – How to manifest what you want in 2022
– Published December 4th, 2021



Shut Up and Grind! with Robert B. Foster!

Episode #167 – Breaking down workforce Barriers with Diane Strand
– Published November 5th, 2021



How I Scaled Service with Caitlin Strempel

Episode #12 – Media Innovation with JDS Studio’s Diane Strand
– Published August 2021




High Performance Practice with Mike McGloth

Diane Strand
– Published June 9, 2021