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Most Theatre Arts classes are performance based.

Comedy and tragedy

    • Practical ActingTo be a “working” actor one must work…and to work actors must audition. The audition process requires a unique set of performance skills, and “Practical Acting” has been specifically designed to hone them. But what’s more, this course will inspire not only confidence during the process but a genuine excitement about it.
    • Shakespeare – Why Shakespeare? Why study the greatest dramatist in the English language? PlayShakespeare.com lists 343 Shakespeare festivals and companies in the United States, 93 in California alone. IMDB credits Shakespeare with more than 1000 filmed adaptations with as many as 50 in the last 2 years. William Shakespeare is the most produced author in any language in the world. That’s why you learn Shakespeare.
    • Video Production Our focus is on providing a background in traditional videography, such as “Corporate Video,” and “Television News Production” which includes: Producing, Story Telling, Writing, Acting, Lighting, Business Management, and Video Engineering, as well as instruction in emerging fields such as “Drone Videography”, “Cinematic Video”, “Social Video” and more. This union of traditional and “new” areas of videography, results in an education in Expanded Videography.
    • Acting Scene Study Class: This Class is a Combo Class of JDS Creative Academy and JDS Actors Studio. Actors prepare and perform an age appropriate monologue as well as a Two-person scene chosen in class. Exercises include: Relaxation, Vocal Concentration, Memorization, Focus and Characterization. Actors will be instructed in the craft of acting learning basic stage presence, stage direction, beats, rhythm, and timing. Acting classes are open enrollment and run in 1 month commitment blocks. There are quarterly showcases at the studio that the actors perform their acting class scenes and monologues in front of their invited friends and family.
    • Musical Theater This class will combine the Acting, Vocal, and Instrumental to study classical musical theater productions, breakdown musical theater productions and rehearse and preform a full musical theater production in front of an audience. Watch our first ever ZOOMSICAL – Willy Wonka…Click Here!
    • Backstage Theater ProductionStudents will focus on stage design,
      props, backdrops, makeup and costuming. Students will work the backstage components to the JDS Actors Studio Fall Plays. They will learn and assist with set painting, props, costumes and more. During the semester they will make latex masks, skull caps, learn about and practice stage make up, hand stitching and alteration technique for costume & make up design. They will also get to choose a stage production of their choice and create and build a replica of a scene.
    • Fashion Design This course will introduce students to the world of Fashion Design and illustration, basic garment construction and sewing techniques. Students will learn the elements of design, illustration, pattern making, sewing, and textiles based on their individual abilities.
    • PhotographyLearn How to Take Amazing Photos for Beginners & Advanced Users. Learn the techniques and artistry of digital photography.