Fall Performing Arts Classes


Classes start the week of August 29th

Classes taught by Industry Professionals and Meet VAPA Education Code

Fashion Design

This course will introduce students to the world of Fashion Design and illustration, basic garment construction and sewing techniques. Students will learn the elements of design, illustration, pattern making, sewing, and textiles based on their individual abilities.

Backstage Production

Students will focus on stage design, props, backdrops, makeup and costuming. They will learn and assist with set painting, props, costumes and more. During the semester they will make latex masks, skull caps, learn about and practice stage make up, hand stitching and alteration technique for costume & make up design. They will also get to choose a stage production of their choice and create and build a replica of a scene.

Haunted Studio

Starting in late September Haunted Studio Classes will include the whole process of planning and designing a haunted house! Transforming the whole JDS Studio into its own maze full of the exciting thrills and frights for the public to enjoy the weekend of Halloween.


Students will cover: story structure, plot, theme, character development, dialogue, script formats, pitching your ideas, writing contest submissions, how to make money with writing, and more. Our in-class writing exercises and professional guidance will help students develop and write their own personal projects. Their work will be showcased on-stage at the end of the session. Tell your stories to the world!

Musical Theatre

This class will combine the Acting, Vocal, and Instrumental to study classical musical theater productions, breakdown musical theater productions and rehearse and preform a full musical theater production in front of an audience.


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