Video Production

Video Production

JDS Creative Academy is devoted to education of videographers and their extension into the digital and video production realms. JDSCA is a school designed to teach new techniques and technology that are becoming commonplace as the profession evolves.

Our focus is on providing a background in traditional videography, such as “Corporate Video,” and “Television News Production” which includes: Producing, Story Telling, Writing, Acting, Lighting, Business Management, and Video Engineering, as well as instruction in emerging fields such as “Drone Videography”, “Cinematic Video”, “Social Video” and more. This union of traditional and “new” areas of videography, results in an education in Expanded Videography.

As the need for videography continues to evolve, our aim is to keep our students on the cutting edge and provide them with a rare and highly marketable skill — knowledge! The goal of our courses are to take students to the next level and put them in position for meaningful careers in videography.

Video Production
Ages 12 – Adult
8 week class Meets for 2.5 hours a week plus outside class time
Cost $900.00 (payment plans available)

Television News Production – Apprentice
12-month program Meets minimum of 3.5 hours a week plus there will be outside class time work needed
Cost $4,500.00 (Payment Plans & Training dollars through Workforce Development available & MSJC students can use CTE funds)