Instrumental Music

Instrumental Music – Programs Coming Soon

collage musical instruments

Students will study, rehearse, and perform the best literature available for the medium. Students will also explore music history and music theory concepts to include melody, harmony, timbre, rhythm, and musical expression. Large and small ensembles will be created based on the instrumentation available.

Learning to play in a band, with other musicians, is not the same as just learning to play an instrument. A person could study an instrument for years and still not know the many things they need to know to feel comfortable playing in a live situation. Learn to apply the knowledge of your instrument to real world playing situations from conducting a rehearsal, to setting up and getting equipment to sound good, practicing music yourself and with a band to ensure the best possible performance. Take the knowledge you’ve acquired on your instrument and add the skills necessary to perform at the highest level possible so you can present yourself to listeners as the musician you want to be.