About Us

About JDS Creative Academy

The mission of JDSCA is to advance education and training in the arts: The mission of JDSCA is to advance education and training in the arts: theatre, music, creative writing, fine art, digital art, and production art. . JDSCA classes and programs fulfill the Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) requirements, per the California Education Standard, and collaborate to enhance the CTE pathway to the home school, online school, traditional school, higher ed schools, and trade school populations. By providing an opportunity to gain creative enrichment, self-confidence, leadership, and collaborative skills, our students can obtain the expertise needed to advance to higher arts’ education and prosper in a competitive marketplace

In today’s new emerging workforce, an education in visual, performing, digital and production arts is a requirement to succeed in the future of tomorrow. Since many necessary vocational and arts programs have been reduced or eliminated, JDS Creative Academy is needed now, more than ever, to fill that void. Our goal is to enhance the future of all youth, as well as the arts, engineering and technological workforce, through visual and performing arts education, training, and apprenticeship.

About The Founders

In 2010, Scott and Diane Strand, the owners of JDS Video & Media Productions started a Drama Club program which launched in the Temecula Unified School District. There was such a huge response that they decided to create an Actors Studio for all ages to learn the technique and craft of Acting, which is now known as JDS Actors Studio.

The Strands felt that the Temecula Valley area would benefit from advanced education in all the Arts. In addition, they want to help home schooled and online students fulfill the Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) requirement per the California Education Core Standard, and assist those looking for a career in the arts. To that end, they created the non-profit JDSCA and recruited a group of talented industry professionals training in the arts to make up the Board of Directors.